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There are 3 Xeriscape Zones

In xeriscaping, plants are grouped into three specific zones based upon the water needs of the plants and the distance from the central area. Zoning creates a water-efficient landscape that is both beautiful, functional, and sustainable. The physical characteristics of the site should be considered. Every yard has a "micro-climate" which could affect the design and plant choices. Sunny west and south sides of a house will have a warmer micro-climates and are more suited for arid, drought-tolerant plants. The cooler north and east sides could be used for oasis zones.

Zone 1: Arid

The arid zone will have the most drought-tolerant plants. Native plants and other varieties are used and rarely require supplemental watering. The most arid zones are located away from the house and high-traffic areas and could be left in its natural state or interplanted with drought resistent native varieties.

Zone 2: Transitional

The transition zone combines lush areas with the drier parts of a landscape. This zone takes advantage of low and moderate water use plantings that need infrequent supplemental watering (once a week or less). A path could wind through this area, creating interest and access.

Zone 3: Oasis

The lush, oasis zone should be nearer to your house, and could include the higher water use plants, a small pool of water, a formal area, paths from porches lined with solar lanterns, shade from pergolas, and a small lawn area using drought-tolerant grasses like buffalograss and blue grama. This zone could take advantage of rainfall runoff from the roof line and gutter downspouts.


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