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Logical Landscapes

You bought a home--it cost a lot of money. Now you want a landscape that will enhance your home's beauty, add value to your home, and be easy to maintain. Landscaping choices are important. By making good choices when you plant, you can save time, money and protect the natural environment. An appropriate and healthy residential landscape can add value to property and improve air and water quality.

15 Percent

Landscaping adds to the beauty of entire neighborhoods, removes air pollutants, lowers summer temperatures and is proven to increase property values. In fact, a recent survey of homebuyers concluded that there is no better way to increase the value of a home than by installing and maintaining a quality landscape. A good landscape can increase the value of a home by 15 percent, and the cost of the landscape, unlike some home improvements, is recoverable. MONEY magazine estimates that a homebuyer can expect to recover 100 to 200 percent of landscaping costs when the house sells.


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