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Tamagotchi Connection V2 & Tamagotchi True Friends by Bandai Toys

Tamagotchi Connection V2 — Ages 8-14 — $14.99 (msrp)

Tamagotchi Connection V2 by Bandai

Remember the craze these critters caused the first time around? Now the original virtual pet is back and better than ever. Different modes of play, a pause button ("Hooray!" say parents) and new pets make this a new experience. Best of all, owners can interact wirelessly with other owners and take interactive play to new levels, even creating new generations of pets. Get ready for kids to fall in love with Tamagotchi all over again!

Where to Buy Tamagotchi Connection V2 Online
K•B toys $12.99 1-7 days $4.17 YES
WAL*MART $14.24 1-7 days .97¢ YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $14.99 1-7 days $4.16 YES

Tamagotchi Connection V2 News:
Tamagotchi Connection V2 - Virtual Pet Toy Review
Kidzworld — It's Tamagotchi time! The Tamagotchi is the original virtual pet - a cute little digital critter that lives inside a plastic keychain about the size of an egg. It's yours to feed, play with, discipline and care for, just like a real pet. It'll even beep to get your attention if it wants something. Now the Tamagotchi Connection V2 is here, check out what you can do with this new, improved, virtual pet!…

More information from Bandai!,
About the Tamagotchi Mini and Verison 2!

TamaTalk — We just received the following as an addition to the original information from Bandai about the Tamagotchi Version 2. Remember... These apply to the North American Tamagotchi Connection!…

Bandai - Girls Toys Report
Amy Lipkowitz, ASMZINE - Toyfair 2005 — Bandai America is known for its many exciting Boys' properties, such as Power Rangers SPD, D.I.C.E., and Teen Titans. Bandai's girl-oriented properties can't be forgotten, though -- and nor can their hugely popular Tamagotchi Connection virtual pet, which surpasses all gender and age boundaries.…

Bandai (manufacturer's site)

Tamagotchi Connection True Friends — Ages 8-14 — $24.99 (msrp)

Tamagotchi Connection True Friends by Bandai
This Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 "True Friends" Twin Pack features a pair of Tamagotchi Version 2 toys that are completely complementary of each other, allow friends to share and communicate through infrared technology, play games, trade gifts and collect secret codes, among many other cool new features.
  • An expansion on the original Tamagotchi Connection
  • Includes a "Gotchi" point system that can be used interactively to purchase gifts for friends
  • Players can collect five new secret codes to purchase special items not available in normal game play
  • Four new games will be available in addition to all the original games available with Version 1
  • Completely compatible with Version 1
  • Twinpack True Friends Tamagotchis are completely complementary of each other
  • Tamagotchi Version 2 features over 30 new character

Toy Wishes Award

Where to Buy Tamagotchi Connection True Friends Online
WAL*MART $24.57 1-7 days .97¢ YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $24.99 1-7 days $4.33 YES
K•B toys $24.99 1-7 days   YES
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