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Toys by Radica: Nitro Battlerz and 20Q

Radica Toys for 2004 Christmas Shopping

Nitro Battlerz and 20Q

Nitro Battlerz —Ages 8 years & up—$49.99 (msrp)

Nitro Battlerz by Radica

Ultimate competition and ultimate thrills! These customizable R/C cars are built for power and built to compete. Create your vehicles and a challenging dome and get ready for super competition. Dramatic design and a sense of power ramp up the thrill of racing - and crashing. This awe-inspiring set brings new excitement (and incredible value) to the R/C category.

Where to Buy Nitro Battlerz Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $19.98 1-7 days $7.89 YES
TARGETicon $44.99icon 1-7 days   YES
K•B toys $     NO

20Q—Ages 8 years & up—$13.99 (msrp)

20Q by Radica

This is the toy that can really read your mind! Based on the word game 20 questions, players think of an object and the handheld unit will ask twenty questions that can be answered with "yes", "no", "sometimes" or "don't know". The computer will use its powerful artificial intelligence to guess the answer with amazing accuracy! The programmed answers also have a sense of humor. Truly one of the most innovative products of the year. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (Included).Canadian Toy Testing Council WinnerDr. Toy Toys of the YearOppenheim 2005 Platinum Award Winner

Canadian Toy Testing Council Winner
Where to Buy 20Q Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $9.95 1-7 days $4.25 YES**
WAL*MART $10.87 1-7 days   OUT of STOCK
AreYouGame $14.98 1-7 days   YES
TARGET $24.99 1-7 days   YES***
K•B toys $24.99 1-7 days   YES*
*20Q Handheld Game
**Special Offer: Get this 20 Questions handheld game for free when you buy the 20Q Challenge game.
***20Q Challenge Game

20Q News:
20Q handheld electronic version — Radica® and Inc. have compressed the best of the 20Q.netT Web site into the hand-held electronic 20QT. This 20Q pocket version is about the size of a yo-yo and contains a neural-network with a quarter of a million synaptic connections. Cheeky and sleek, the 20Q pocket version captures the quirky personality of the artificial intelligence behind the Web site.…

Radica 20Q Challenge — This is an innovative new toy that your older child will enjoy. It can read your mind! The game features a multi-player 360-degree spiral dome display so everyone can see and everyone can play. It has a tabletop design with stylized buttons.…

Radica (manufacturer's site)

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