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Super Spiral Play Tower, Calico Critters Townhome & Quercetti Medium Skyrail Suspension by International Playthings

Super Spiral Play Tower— Ages 18 months & up — $32.00 (msrp)

Super Spiral Play Tower by International Playthings

This Super Spiral Play Tower provides fast moving fun for little ones. Talk about fun for little ones who love action. Froggie slides down the tower and whistles as he goes. Penguin and two colorful balls spin and race down the spiral ramps and tracks to their designated spaces. Features super spiraling ramp. Press the button to release the frog and hear a bell ring.

Where to Buy Super Spiral Play Tower Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $31.99 1-7 days   OUT of STOCK**
K•B toys $     NO*
WAL*MART $     NO*
TARGETicon $icon     NO*
*Available from a non-affiliated site: CambiToys ($31.99)
**Available used

Super Spiral Play Tower News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Toddlers love this marvelous toy that they quickly take charge of. Two weighted balls and a little penguin twist down the spiral and slide into different slots.…

The Smartest Toys of the Year
Toys to boost your kid's multiple intelligences.

by Ron Kelly, Sesame Street Parents — Facing a gazillion games and gadgets in the toy aisles, which ones are you going to choose? It's a tougher challenge than keeping Cookie Monster out of the cookie jar. We think the toys you pick should not only be fun, but they should also build on your youngster's individual interests, strengths, and smarts.…

International Playthings (manufacturer's site)

Calico Critters Townhome — Ages 3 to 8 years — $84.99 (msrp)

Calico Critters Townhome by International Playthings

Give your Calico Critters a highly detailed, spacious and fun place to stay with this huge town home. There are 4 large rooms to decorate and a divider to create an additional room. The middle of the house swings open to expose rooms and allows you to slide in a moveable staircase. Plus, the town home has lights that turn on and off! Great for imaginative and creative play. For ages 3 years and up. Imported. 15Hx11Wx15L".

Where to Buy Calico Critters Townhome Online
TARGETicon $86.99icon 1-7 days $12.45 YESicon
TOYSRUS / Amazon $89.99 1-7 days $10.45 YES
K•B toys $     NO

Calico Critters Townhome News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Our testers have loved the characters and furnishings from this line for years. Now the new Townhome, in molded plastic, has a woodland look with red tile roof and lights that plug in and turn on with a switch.…

International Playthings (manufacturer's site)

Quercetti Medium Skyrail Suspension— Ages 8 to 12 years — $79.99 (msrp)

Quercetti Medium Skyrail Suspension by International Playthings

Putting this learning toy together is more than half the fun. Kids create their own fun while learning basic engineering principles when they assemble this 380-pc. set into an aerial marble track suspended by a series of adjustable ties and anchors. When complete, marbles fly down over 30' of glow-in-the-dark track. The motorized elevator brings the marbles back to top for repeat action. Imported.

Dr. Toy Toys of the Year
Where to Buy Quercetti Medium Skyrail Suspension Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $79.99 1-7 days $8.16 YES
TARGETicon $79.99icon 1-7 days FREE YESicon
K•B toys $     NO

Quercetti Medium Skyrail Suspension News:
Medium Skyrail Suspension with Motorized Elevator by Quercetti
Dr. Toy — This is a skill-building construction product that older children will enjoy. It is a 380 piece set that features a motorized elevator.…

International Playthings (manufacturer's site)

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