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Retro Rocket & Twist Trike by Radio Flyer

Retro Rocket— Ages 10 months-2 years — $49.99 (msrp)

Retro Rocket by Radio Flyer

3-2-1, blast off! The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket features vibrating motor action so it really feels like you're taking off. Working lights and realistic astronaut/space sounds add to the fun. The rolling wheels activate the lights and sounds, and there's also a light-up after-burner, a clicking nose cone, and cool retro styling. Under-the-seat storage allows budding astronauts to pack a few essentials. Plastic. Clean with soap and water. Some assembly required. Made in USA.Dr. Toy Toys of the Year

Canadian Toy Testing Council Winner
Where to Buy Retro Rocket Online
WAL*MART $38.32 1-7 days $7.94 YES
TARGETicon $39.99icon 1-7 days $10.94 YESicon
TOYSRUS / Amazon $49.99 1-7 days   YES
K•B toys $49.99 1-7 days FREE YES

Retro Rocket News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Our fifteen-month-old testers loved the push-button sound effects, lights, and vibrating motion on this low-to-the-ground ride-on…

Radio Flyer (manufacturer's site)

Twist Trike— Ages 24 months-7 years — $59.99 (msrp)

Twist Trike by Radio Flyer

Where to Buy Twist Trike Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $49.99 1-7 days $17.63 YES
K•B toys $     NO
WAL*MART $49.87     OUT of STOCK
TARGETicon $59.99icon     OUT of STOCK

Twist Trike News:
Radio Flyer Twist Trike
Dr. Toy Your child will thoroughly enjoy this vehicle that twists from a tricycle into a chopper-style three wheeler in just seconds. It features a quick release twist n' lock mechanism for easy transformation.…
twist tike from radio flyer
Core77's Design Blog — the twist trike converts from a trike to a big wheel and back with a simple twist. be sure to check out their animation of how their trike converts on their site.…

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Oppenheim Toy Portfolio — You can twist the body of this trike from trike to low-to-the-ground "chopper." Our tester enjoyed the dual mode of the trike…

Radio Flyer (manufacturer's site)

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