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Zigity, Conga, Balloon Lagoon & Hullabaloo by Cranium

Cranium Toys for 2004 Christmas Shopping

Balloon Lagoon and Hullabaloo

Nationally recognized, Cranium games have won more than 50 industry awards. Cranium, Cranium Cadoo, and Cranium Hullabaloo are all recipients of the prestigious Toy Industry Association U.S. Game of the Year award, with Hullabaloo winning most recently at the 2004 American International Toy Fair.

Zigity—Ages 8 years & up—$12.95 (msrp)

Zigity  by Cranium

Where to Buy Zigity Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $7.99 1-7 days *FREE YES
TARGETicon $7.99icon 1-7 days $4.76 YES
K•B toys $9.99 1-7 days   YES
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Zigity News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Our own family played many heated rounds of Zigity! The object is to be the first to get rid of your cards, but watch out-there are different activities that can change the course of the game dramatically.…

Cranium Zigity
Ruth B. Roufberg, Parent's Choice Foundation — Transparent cards can be superimposed during play to reveal a group of letters that form a word, a series of numbers that add up to 11, partial images that merge into picture of a cat, or a set of matching musical instruments.…

Cranium Zigity Available at Starbucks
Board Games Blog, — A clever new family card game from Cranium, Inc., is now available exclusively at Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada for about $13. Cranium Zigity features a deck of "clear" cards that challenges players to match, add, spell and find missing puzzle pieces.…

Cranium (manufacturer's site)

Conga—Ages 7 years & up—$19.99 (msrp)

Conga  by Cranium

Cranium Conga is the fast-paced guessing game that will get your whole family acting, sculpting, guesstimating, and picking hilarious words. How many times has grandma climbed a tree? Who knew Uncle Gus's dream job is to be a ferryboat captain? Can your sister-in-law really make 50 different animal noises? Everyone ages 8 to adult will have a great time laughing about the fun facts that only your family and friends would know. You might sculpt something that's under your bed, act out a place you'd like to visit, or get people to guess what you wish your nickname could be. Write your answer on the erasable secret pad inside the Conga timer, close the cover, and pass it to the first guesser. Everyone takes turns racing to guess the answer before the timer goes off in their hands!

Where to Buy Conga Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $17.99 1-7 days FREE* YES
TARGETicon $icon     NO
K•B toys $     NO
*FREE Shipping when you order $49 or more of select toys

Conga News:
Cranium Conga
BoardGameGeek — Cranium Conga is a party game in which players create the content, thus creating more parity than a standard "I give you clues to guess this content" game. Includes some standard Cranium fare of drawing, acting, and other clue giving methods.…

Cranium (manufacturer's site)

Balloon Lagoon—Ages 5 years & up—$19.95 (msrp)

Balloon Lagoon by Cranium

It's all the fun of a day at the carnival! Four fast-paced activities keep kids (and adults) challenged and amused as they race to collect balloons, flip the frogs in the pond, spin the wheels to match the picture, fish for letters in the lake, match the treats as they spill out of the snack shack, and do it all before the musical Merry-Go-Round timer stops. It's the perfect combination of skill, chance and thinking. A lively game that's fun and develops sequencing, dexterity, matching, and simple spelling skills.Oppenheim 2005 Platinum Award Winner

Where to Buy Balloon Lagoon Online
WAL*MART $16.14 1-7 days $5.64 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $16.99 1-7 days FREE* YES
TARGETicon $16.99icon 1-7 days $7.73 YES
K•B toys $19.99 1-7 days   YES
FREE Shipping when you order $49 or more of select toys

Balloon Lagoon News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Turn on the musical merry-go-round timer as players take turns fishing for magnetized letters to spell a word, spin wheels to get four parts of an animal lined up, collect matching dice as they fall through the roof of the snack hut, or "tiddly-wink" four frogs into the pound.…

Cranium Balloon Lagoon
Dipika Mirpuri, — The bottomline = Buy this wonderful game Balloon Lagoon from Cranium for your kids. You won't regret it.…

Cranium Balloon Lagoon — Players step right up to four carnival-style challenges: Snack Hut, a food-themed matching game; Letter Lake, in which words are the catch of the day; Tumble Tides, a race to unscramble pictures; and Frog Pond, in which you launch small jumpers into a container.…

Cranium (manufacturer's site)

Hullabaloo—Ages 4 years & up—$19.95 (msrp)

Hullabaloo by Cranium

The game of tunes, twists, and topsy-turvy fun. Hullabaloo is the high-energy game that's full of cool tunes, fun sounds, and all kinds of surprises. Kids listen closely and think fast as they bounce, twist, spin, high-five, and dance to the music, sounds, and friendly voice of Hullabaloo. Whether after school, at a birthday party, or even on a rainy day, Cranium Hullabaloo gives kids something to cheer about. And with thousands of game variations, kids never get tired of the fun. Hullabaloo won the 2003 Toy Industry Association Game of the Year award, which recognizes the most innovative, interactive, and playful game of the year.

Where to Buy Hullabaloo Online
WAL*MART $15.86 1-7 days $7.87 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $15.99 1-7 days $10.79 YES
TARGET $17.99 1-7 days   YES
K•B toys $19.99 1-7 days   YES

Hullabaloo News:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
Players have to listen carefully to the electronic ringmaster that directs play among the 16 playmats. The player on the "lucky" mat when the ringmaster says, "freeze!" is the winner.…

Cranium (manufacturer's site)

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