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Lego Pirate Ship, Harry Potter Motorized Hogwarts Express & Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter by Lego

Lego Pirate Ship — Ages 4 to 8 years — $49.99 (msrp)

Lego Pirate Ship by Lego

Join Captain Redbeard and his pirate crew as they try to find a valuable map leading to hidden treasure. The ship really floats, and it features booms with sails that can move, a cannon that shoots, a crane with winch, a crow's nest, a treasure chest, a treasure map, and an anchor. Set also comes with a story poster and comic. Contains 134 LEGO building pieces, including Captain Redbeard, Harry Hardtack, Jolly Jack Crow, and Scurvy Dog figures.

Where to Buy Lego Pirate Ship Online
K•B toys $39.99 1-7 days $7.56 YES
TARGETicon $icon     NO
TOYSRUS / Amazon $     NO

Lego Pirate Ship News:
LEGO History:
A Chronological History of the LEGO Company and LEGO Toys

Pause Magazine - In 1932, in the village of Billund, Denmark, a master carpenter and joiner by the name of Ole Kirk Christiansen started a company to manufacture stepladders, ironing boards and wooden toys. Ole Kirk's son, Godtfred Kirk, joined him in the family business at the age of 12.…

Kids and Teens > Sports and Hobbies > Toys > Lego > Pirates
Google Directory — Lego System Pirates -
Bulletin Board located on Lugnet. Features opinions, reviews, projects, layouts, plans, tools, ideas, magazines, or historical events as they relate to Pirates.
Evil Stevie's Pirate Ship Otaku Page -
Provides opinion and data about the Lego pirate theme sets. Also, a trade/want list.…

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Product Review
We tested this with 4- and 5-year-olds and they all loved it, even though most needed help putting it together.…

Pause Magazine's Lego Set Reference Guide - Pirates
Pause Magazine — Introduced in 1989, the Pirates theme was the last new mini-figure-scale theme to be introduced until Aquazone, for 1995. According to Lego Shop at Home, it is one of the most successful themes they sell.…

For Lego, an Online Lifeline?
BusinessWeek online — The building-block maker has had some rough times as toys go digital, but its new Lego Factory Web site may help it reconnect with kids…

Harry Potter Motorized Hogwarts Express — Ages 8 to 12 years — $119.99 (msrp)

Harry Potter Motorized Hogwarts Express by Lego

Motorized HogwartsT Express really runs on the rails!
This Hogwarts Express is ready to run on LEGO train tracks! With a motor to make it go, it's a great addition to both your Harry Potter collection and your train collection. Watch the train pull up to Hogsmeade Station, then take the roof off the passenger car to put Harry, Ron Weasley, and Professor Lupin inside. But watch out for the dementorT! Take coal from the coal car, put it in the drawer in the boiler, then tip it over so the boiler gets fuel. Then you're ready to roll again! Fully compatible with other LEGO Train sets. Includes Harry PotterT, Ron WeasleyT, Professor Lupin, dementor, speed regulator and 33 inches of LEGO train track.

Where to Buy Harry Potter Motorized Hogwarts Express Online
WAL*MART $     NO*
TOYSRUS / Amazon $     NO*
TARGETicon $icon     NO*
K•B toys $     NO*
*Available from the manufacturer: Lego ($119.99)

Harry Potter Motorized Hogwarts Express News:
Hogwarts Express train top toy
HPANA: The Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator - The Canadian Toy Testing Council has released their list of top toys and best bets for the holiday season, and among them is LEGO's Hogwarts Express motorized train, suggested for 8- to 12-year-olds.…

Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter — Ages 8 years & up — $39.99 (msrp)

Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter by Lego

Action with the ARC-170 Starfighter!
The ARC-170 Starfighter is on its most dangerous mission! Piloted by an elite crew of clone troopers, this sleek ship rules the spaceways.

Where to Buy Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter Online
WAL*MART $39.88 1-7 days .97¢ YES
K•B toys $39.99 1-7 days $5.35 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $39.99   FREE OUT of STOCK
TARGETicon $icon     NO
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