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Roboraptor, Robopet, Robosapien V2 & Robosapien by Wow Wee

Roboraptor— Ages 8 and up — $99.99 (msrp)

Roboraptor by Wow Weeicon

Dinosaurs are back and roaming the earth in the 32" long Roboraptor, an advanced fusion of technology and personality. With his advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct control and autonomous (free-roam) modes, the Age of Dinosaurs has truly returned. Roboraptor comes to life with the following features:

Family Fun Magazine Toys of the Year Toy Wishes Award Canadian Toy Testing Council Winner
Where to Buy Roboraptor Online
WAL*MART $99.87 1-7 days $12.64 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $99.99 1-7 days $10.55 YES
TARGETicon $99.99icon 1-7 days FREE YESicon
K•B toysicon $99.99icon 1-7 days   YES

Roboraptor News:
WowWee Roboraptor Preview
by John Chow, The TechZone — Dinosaur lovers will have a roaring good time this fall when WowWee Robotics, the #1 consumer entertainment robotics company, unleashes Roboraptor - the ultimate robotic companion built with technology that is far from prehistoric.…

WowWee (manufacturer's site)

Robopet— Ages 8 and up — $99.99 (msrp)

Robopet by Wow Wee

•  Robotic dog makes these fluid movements: walking, running, sitting, lying down, getting up and rolling over
•  Performs tricks, responds to positive/negative reinforcement (is trainable), responds to human movements and makes 4 different doggie sounds
•  Features auto shutoff, demo mode and sleep mode
•  For ages 8 yrs. and up; requires 6 AA and 3 AAA batteries (not included)
•  6.5Hx6Wx9L"

Where to Buy Robopet Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $79.99 1-7 days $5.56 YES
K•B toysicon $79.99icon 1-7 days $5.63 YESicon
TARGETicon $99.99 1-7 days FREE YES
WAL*MART $79.97     OUT of STOCK

Robopet News:
Best In Show: WowWee's Robopet is Top Dog in the Entertainment Robotics Category
WowWee Robotics Lets The Dogs Out

HONG KONG, October 4/PRNewswire/ — This fall, WowWee Robotics(TM), the #1 consumer entertainment robotics company, introduces Robopet(TM), the new biomechanical best friend that everyone will be begging for.…

Looking for a Few Good Bots: Robots for Work and Play
The present and future of automated household machines programmed to do your bidding.

HONG KONG, October 4/PRNewswire/ — "We are at the dawn of the age of Robotics," says Richard Yanofsky president of WowWee Ltd. "Advances in technology allow us to create highly sophisticated and extremely lifelike entertainment robots," Yanofsky continues. "Robotic companions are hotter than ever and with the introduction this year of Robopet, Roboraptor(TM) and Robosapien(TM) V2 we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of an evolving industry." …

WowWee (manufacturer's site)

Robosapien V2 — Ages 6 and up — $250 (msrp)

Robosapien V2 by Wow Wee

For 2005, WowWee introduces Robosapien V2. Robosapien V2 brings the fluid movement and biomechanical agility of Robosapien to a whole new level. Gaining a whopping 10" in height, Robosapien V2 now has full range of motion and the ability to pick up, drop and throw objects with his finely tuned precision hands. Advanced agility allows him to bend over and twist from side to side, so he can now sit, bend, lie down and stand up. Robosapien V2 will interact with his surroundings, and even responds with a 'real voice'.Robosapien V2 can talk! Fully equipped with infra-red radar vision, Robosapien's V2 moving eyes with blue LED lights can detect obstacles, track movements and take objects handed to him. Sensory features include a vision color system that enables Robosapien V2 to recognize objects and skin tones; he can wave when he sees you and reach out to shake your hand. A stereo sound detection system allows him to respond and react to noises in the environment. Robosapien V2 comes equipped with 'laser' tracking; trace a 'laser' path on the ground and he'll follow it. And, Robosapien V2 couldn't carry the Robosapien name if he didn't possess a one-of-a-kind attitude-filled personality! Robosapien V2 is so advanced he can even control his new friends - RoboraptorT and RobopetT.

Where to Buy Robosapien V2 Online
TOYSRUS / Amazon $229.99 1-7 days $15.04 OUT of STOCK*
TARGETicon $     NO
K•B toysicon $icon     NO
*This item will be released on February 1, 2006. You may order it now from Toys"R"Us

Robosapien V2 News:
Exclusive: Robosapien V2 and beyond
We get the inside scoop on the third generation Robosapien direct from its creators.

T3 — Robosapien's beefy new sibling is UK bound in September (see story). And although the blue-eyed bot is still having his circuits tweaked by creators WowWee, he's already looking seriously impressive…

Robosapien— Ages 8 and up — $99.99 (msrp)

Robosapien by Wow Wee

Own a personal robot in your home! Designed by a NASA scientist, this 14-inch Robosapien remote-controlled robot is packed full of realistic features. You can control it to walk or even kick. It can fetch objects on the floor, or groove to music. Robosapien communicates in grunts and physical actions. Place objects in front of him, and he can push or shove it out of the way! Simple enough for kids, advanced enough for adults, Robosapien is like a video game character for the real world.Oppenheim 2005 Platinum Award WinnerDr. Toy Best Toy of 2004Canadian Toy Testing Council WinnerConsumer Reports Hot Toy Selection

Where to Buy Robosapien Online
WAL*MART $78.84 1-7 days $8.94 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $79.99 1-7 days $9.28 YES
K•B toysicon $79.99icon 1-7 days $9.81 YES
TARGETicon $99.99   FREE OUT of STOCK

Robosapien News:
The Wow-Wee Robosapien by Mark Tilden — 20 images in this album on 2 pages…

WowWee (manufacturer's site)

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