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GoGo TV by Toy Quest

GoGo TV — Ages 4-8 years — $60.00 (msrp)

GoGo TV by Toy Quest

GoGo TV combines video camera technology with infrared and motion sensors to put you in the game. You interact with objects on screen!
GoGo TV is a cartridge based system. Most games come with interactive accessories that take game play to a new level. You’re not just playing a game, you’re in the game!

Where to Buy GoGo TV Online
WAL*MART $47.48 1-7 days $5.17 YES
TOYSRUS / Amazon $49.99 1-7 days FREE* YES
K•B toys $     NO
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GoGo TV News:
Go Go TV (T.O.Y. 2005 Winner)
Family Fun - A camera built into the console feeds live video directly to a TV screen, allowing players to watch their own images compete in four video games.…

Toy Quest gets kids up and at 'em with its pro-exercise Go Go TV console
by Nancy Lees, KidScreen Magazine - In an effort to reconcile kids' ongoing love affair with video games and the growing parental concern over how much couch time children are logging, L.A.'s Toy Quest has come up with a new gaming system designed to gets kids up and moving.…

Toyquest (manufacturer's site)

GoGo TV Vision System by Toy Quest
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